VETEC Co. has the essential and most important certificates from major international organizations which confirm that VETEC products are manufactured with the best quality.



VETEC Residential water treatment systems have been sold more than any other brands in the region. Also in industrial segments, VETEC has sold to more than 50 international companies.



The most trusted company in customer service and warranties in the region. VETEC guaranty every single piece of products.



Providing clean water for men, women and children of the world. We put all of our effort in providing clean drinking water for the entire people. We need to be healthy so our society can be stronger and move forward to a great future.

Since establishment of VETEC Co.,

the company used Taiwanese materials and products were designed in Canada.

VETEC Co. is manufacturing residential water treatment systems, Pumps and pressure vessels.

With VETEC products you can experience clean and tasty water.